Tips for Using Conjure Oils

Just a quick video on some of the common, and not-so-common ways to use conjure oils! 

Get creative babies!!  

Conjure Oils -


Conjure Oils -

 Magickal oils, or as we refer to them here in the Swamp, Conjure Oils, are another great tool when it comes to spells and conjure work. They are also quick thick and easy to use. Magickal oils are also known as "condition oils" or "annointing oils". Below are just a few ways to use them.  



For dressing candles, add a few drops of oil to your hands. Rub them together. Feel their power and focus on their intent. 

Pick up the candle - focus those intentions. Rub that oil all over the candle. Twist it, turn it, pull it, push it! Don't forget the bottom, or the wick! 

For glass encased candles, just place a drop or two of the oil in the top of the candle.


Letters & Petitions

You can also dress letters or petitions with these oils. Dressing a letter or petition/name paper is easy. Just dab the oil in the four corners of the paper, and in the center, to create a 5-spot pattern, then fold the paper as normal.  


Gris Gris, Mojos, & Doll Babies

You can feed a gris gris or mojo bag by putting a few drops of oil in your hands, rubbing them together and then working with the gris gris. 

*Do NOT put the oil directly on the gris gris!*

You can also anoint a doll baby with protection oils, cleansing oils, etc. 


Washes, Soaps & Shampoos

And finally, you can add just a few drops of these oils to floor washes, perfumes, or add them to liquid soaps and shampoos

You can dab a bit in window sills or in doorways. If I use an oil for something like prosperity or protection, I start my day by adding a drop to the palms of my hands and rubbing them together. Then everything I touch, throughout the day is affected by the oil. 

Basically, babies - use your imagination! The possibilities are endless!! 


Inexplicable Things' Oil

Our oils are created in a traditional Southern style. We grind, sift and mill just the right mix of powerful organic herbs and minerals, then introduce them to the carrier oil. They are then slowly simmered on a low temperature for a minimum of 12 hours. After this, they are gently cooled to room temperature. This not only guarantees that we keep a close, loving eye on each bottle of oil we produce, but it also guarantees that the herbs are completely infused in the oil.  They are then placed in a dark, cool spot for several months. The concoction is then strained and added to fresh cut herbs before being bottled by hand.  No additives, no fillers! 

Inexplicable Things uses only the best organic herbs and ingredients. Many of these we grow ourselves, right here in the bayou. We do not add any fragrance, perfume or cheap colored dye to our oils. They are all natural with pleasing fragrances - but are subtle and can be used when you don't want to be detected. You can tell the difference when you smell them! They are all herbal, no question!  This makes them super safe, non-staining, with a light herbal fragrance.