How To . . .

Little video I made demonstrating a quick and easy way to make a no-sew doll baby. 

She ain't pretty, but she's functional! 

Doll Babies

Louisiana Voodoo Doll

Sympathetic Magick

Doll babies, along with other fetishes, work on concepts they are a personification of the person or target. This is known as Sympathetic magick and has been around (with evidence), since basically, the dawn of time. 

Two metaphysical laws play very important roles in most magickal traditions:  

o Law of Similarity: like attracts like, like produces like 

  •   The conjurer can produce any effect he/she desires, merely by imitating it

o Law of Contact/Contagion: two items, in contact with each other, will have influence over the other, even when separated

  • What the conjurer does to a material object will affect equally the person with whom the object was once in contact with
  •   Basic concept behind using personal concerns, or tag locks

Doll babies are used to represent specific people. Miss Sha’ uses Helper Dolls most often. They are super simple to make and use, and generally serve a specific purpose such as cleansing, protection or uncrossing. But, don’t rule out baneful works, either! 

These types of dolls can be sewn together and decorated with buttons and pins, stuffed with witch’s hair, etc. Or they can be quick, no-sew pieces of fabric (usually fabric that belonged to the person). They can include name papers and specific information about the person, or even a small photo can be placed inside. Miss Sha’ will also use personal effects (nail clippings, strands of hair) if they are available. These dolls are very functional and ready-to-use in a moment’s notice.  Please see the video below for Miss Sha' instructional video!


There is a myriad of things that can be used to make a doll baby with. Some of the more common are candle wax, clay, even Playdoh dolls are common. Super traditional, down in south Louisiana, crawfish mud! Good stuff for a doll baby. You are limited only by your own imagination.