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Inexplicable Things

So where do you turn when you need advice on the next step in achieving a goal or improving a situation? 

What about if you are having trouble letting go of something from the past that is holding you back? Maybe you are torn between an existing job or finding a new one. Année passées (years go by), and maybe you have questions about how to boost the hanky panky in the bedroom! Sometimes, a fresh or different perspective is all we need. And occasionally, you need someone to just lay it all out for you - with the cold, hard truth, cher!  

Whatever the case may be, there is nothing wrong with seeking guidance. 

Inexplicable Things is a collection of all the things that you may need while you are on your metaphysical or spiritual journey. Miss Sha’ and Mr. Kelly understand that even a simple piece of advice can sometimes make the biggest difference.

Founded in 2008, Inexplicable Things is a culmination of almost 80 years of conjure and spiritualism. 

Miss Sha’ has her own brand of genuine Swamp & Bayou Magick, with Rootwork and Southern Conjure, at it's heart, while Mr. Kelly brings his spiritual expertise, divination and work in the spirit realm that can only come from a warrior shaman path. 

Because Miss Sha' and Mr. Kelly strive to improve their clients’ and customers’ quality of life; as well as believe in the One Tribe philosophy, they have created - to be a network of professionals that provide things like handmade products, spiritual guidance, classes and teaching, as well as many other conjure related products and services. 

** Disclaimer ** It is important to understand that while this network is a way to put many resources to assist your journey, all conveniently in one place,  we only speak for Inexplicable Things. We will offer links to recommended sites, professionals, readers and shops, that we have personal working knowledge of, or professional experience with. Those that we believe hold their customers and clients in high regard. Those that likely believe in a One Tribe, or similar, philosophy.   But, at the end of the day, we ONLY speak for Inexplicable Things. If you visit one of the recommended sites, please know that your transactions with them are, in no way, a representation of Inexplicable Things.

The door to Inexplicable Things is always open, the sweet tea is always fresh and everyone seems to come away with lagniappe (a little somethin' extra) - So, c'mon, allons (let's go)!

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Inexplicable Things